Armadillo rolls out the red carpet for Rolls Royce’s new precision machine

To completely isolate the section of flooring for the new machine, an innovative noise and vibration solution was required. Armadillo installed Vibstop, a closed-cell medium density material specifically designed to have reliable vibration isolation qualities. A floor slab was cut out of the foundations and excavated to create a pit, the walls and base of which were then covered with Vibstop before the hole was filled with concrete.

Following an impressive and efficient installation process, the solution effectively isolated vibration. The floor section created for the new high-precision machinery is completely isolated and unaffected by other machines that create strong vibrations. The new piece of kit is able to work to the best of its ability with no disruptions thanks to the high-quality product used by Armadillo.

Armadillo embarks on sponsorship deal to support sled dog racing

Armadillo has barked up a different tree by sponsoring the leading British female sled dog racer in the UK, Vickie Pullin, in her next major event in Poland. After pledging to sponsor Vickie, she is now aiming to become the best in her field, and will be taking part in the 2017 World Championships in Mikolow, Poland.

Vickie first found her passion for dog sled racing after working in Canada and Alaska, where she instantly fell in love with sled dog breeds. She now has a team of 26 dogs and a number of achievements under her belt, including the Scottish National Bike Champion title and owning the fastest four-dog team in the country. She is also the only British racer to hold a sprint World Cup standing on the sled and has achieved three more British champion titles this year.