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Armacush Foundation Isolation


Designed to provide a cost effective solution to full area coverage foundations. Effectively counters the increasing problem of structure borne vibration and noise generated by large manufacturing machines, road and rail disturbances.

Armadillo Armacush is an ideal product which not only gives excellent long term performance but is also specifically designed for ease of installation to avoid costly delays in the construction process. Designed for full area coverage the problem of temporary shuttering or designing the mass to be able to span bearing centres is avoided.

It is a “fit and forget” solution.

Armacush Foundation Isolation is manufactured from a neoprene crumb base bound with a high grade polyurethane binding agent.

Armacush is supplied in a range of different grades between 7.0 psi (0.05N/mm2) up to 300 Psi (2.0 N/mm2)

Contact Armadillo for specific Data sheets dependingon loading applications.

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Life Expectancy

In almost all Armacush installaions the material is designed to remain insitu without replacement for the design lifetime of the structure.


  • Highly damped elastomeric pad offering excellent Isolation performance.
  • Designed for full area coverage for ease of installation. Eliminating the need for additional shuttering.
  • Can be easily fixed on vertical surfaces with the use of Armadillo contact adhesive.
  • Supplied in sections to comply with Health and Safety single lift guidelines.
  • Effective barrier to structure borne disturbance.
  • Can be used in multiple layers to increase degree of isolation.


  • Specifically designed for reducing noise and vibration within structures.
  • Armacush offers a simple installation procedure coupled with excellent long term performance.
  • Decoupling perimeter walls from road and rail disturbance.
  • Steel working machinery, i.e. presses or guillotines.
  • Inertia bases.
  • Isolation within buildings.
  • Cinemas and Theatres, sprung dance floors.

Grades of Armacush are frequently employed in applications such as: floating concrete slabs, noise separation, panel mount floating floor systems, sprung dance floors, bathroom pod isoaltion, acoustic floating chambers, isolated cinema floors, neoprene pad acoustic floors, reradiated noise prevention systems, isolated foundations, inertia block foundation, room within a room applications.




Armaload - DLW66

Armaload - Mil-C-882


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