Armadillo Noise & Vibration offer a variety of products for applications.

Load Bearing Pads

Armadillo offer a wide range of bearings pads for applications such as shock reduction, precast and prestressed concrete bridges, and machinery equipment and structural steel bearing applications.

Foundation Isolation

Armadillo foundation isolation materials have been specifically designed as a vibration absorbing medium. Designed for full area coverage and offering cost effective solutions for isolating machinery.

Slide Bearings

Armadillo structural slide bearings are custom designed to accommodate expansion, contraction and other reciprocating motions of any structure that moves as a result of thermal, seismic or differential forces.

Dance Floor Pads

Sports floors, gymnasiums and dance studios require a firm yet resilient feel. This is achieved by supporting the floor on resilient pads to give the correct balance for shock absorbing coupled with sufficient rebound to give the floor a “live” feel. Armadillo DFP15 is the ideal material to achieve this.

Pipe Support Bearing

A new range of bronze bearing plates supplied by Armadillo. These are used for numerous applications within pipeline support systems such as Oil & Gas to Industrial systems.