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DLW66 and DLW66XP ROF Bearing Pads


Armaload DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are used extensively in standard construction applications, precast and prestressed concrete bridges, buildings and structural steel bearing applications, as well as machinery, equipment foundation, railway tie pads and shock and vibration isolation.

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Premium Grade Armaload DLW66XP

Our premium grade Armaload DLW66XP Elastomeric Load Bearing Pads are constructed in a unique cross ply manufacturing process, giving uniform physical properties in all directions. These premium grade load bearing pads are designed for more demanding structural applications with greater load requirements

High Quality Manufacturing Process

All Armaload DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are manufactured in continuous cure presses, not batch presses, which allow us to economically produce custom shapes and sizes and meet the demands of large scale construction projects. Load bearing pads can be supplied to specified dimensions ready for installation, including cut outs and holes, or in sheet form for on site fitting.



Armaload - DLW66

Armaload - Mil-C-882


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