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Introduction & Description

Armadillo Noise & Vibration Ltd. are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of slide bearing assemblies. Armadillo offer a professional but affordable comprehensive range of PTFE slide bearing assemblies in a wide variety of applications, whilst also offering a lead time that cannot be matched by our competitors.

PTFE slide bearings are custom designed to accommodate expansion, contraction and other reciprocating motions of any structure that moves as a result of thermal, seismic or differential forces.

PTFE bearings operate at high loads and low speeds, and it is under these conditions that the self- lubricating properties of PTFE are at optimum.

This, together with its no stick-slip characteristics, is the main reason why PTFE has proved successful as a material for slide bearings.

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Armaload - DLW66

Armaload - Mil-C-882


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